Becoming a Pornstar can be a lucrative career move, though, for men, the possibility of making a lot of money is relatively slim unless you are working with same-sex partners. It's mostly the women who will demand more money for their roles in porn movies.

Becoming a Pornstar has a similar process as becoming an actor, and in some cases, there are more strict guidelines that you must follow if you're looking to work for a large studio on the types of movies that will make you a star.

Undoubtedly, there are low-budget movies, studios, and individuals who will make these types of movies, and you need to be careful who you're working with.

I'm going over the steps on becoming a pornstar below so that you can be as informed as possible.

Understanding the Porn Industry

The porn industry is a business like any other business; you need to be professional and have the required skills that studios want; otherwise, it will be difficult to gain or retain employment.

Like acting, expecting to enter the industry and have everything be easy because you have the right look that will make you a star isn't a smart move. Each movie may require a long filming process with many long days, so you may be fired or not hired again if you aren't willing to put the work in.

You may also need to consider some of the issues that come with filming:

●     Once filmed, you will be available on the Internet forever, so consider your future career prospects and how these films could interfere with them.

●     You will need to work with various people you may not find attractive or even like. This is the same as a regular movie where actors are asked to pretend for the movie.

●     Part of the hard work will be staying in shape and looking good for the movie or staying appropriate for the niche you are entering.

●     Make sure you are not auditioning for free with any producers or directors, especially if you're not working with a big-name studio. Auditions are not required in the industry with anybody other than other actors.

You should be allowed to bring a friend with you to any audition or sets to ensure you are safe, especially your first time auditioning or working with a director.

Getting Your First Audition or Job

Before you get started, there is a hard requirement that you are at least 18 years old, and you will need to be able to provide proof of your age with a government-issued photo ID.

You will also need to have ongoing health checks for any STDs; any reputable studio will require a health check done within the last two weeks for you to be considered for the role. It doesn't matter if protection is being used; this is a requirement in the industry.

Where are the Biggest Filming Studios?

While porn is filmed in various cities, some locations have larger studios and more studios. It may be challenging to get a good contract with a reputable studio if you're working outside of these cities.

The biggest studios can be found in:

●     Los Angeles, specifically the San Fernando Valley, is often considered the biggest porn city in the world.

●     New York City

●     Orlando or Miami

●     San Diego

●     San Francisco

●     Portland

You can see that California is one of the best places to work with the most studios if your goal is to become a star. So consider moving to one of those locations so that you're able to work quickly when required.

Take Quality Photographs to Send to Studios

You will need to take high-quality photos, both nude and clothed, to send to studios to get auditions. This is similar to headshots for other non-porn movies but requires full-body shots so the studios can see what you bring to the table for their next film.

The photos shouldn't be lewd but should include some nude photos for an overall view to see which movies you would work well in.

Search and Apply Online for Casting Calls

Search online for Adult Modeling Forums and sign up so that you can post your photos for studios and directors to view and contact you.

Ensure you don't provide any personal information in your posts, and if somebody contacts you, then verify their information and that they're with a reputable company. Such as searching their phone number, name, or address they suggest you come to.

Apply Directly to Studios

All porn studios have a way to apply and provide your photos or videos directly through their website. It's a general form, but if your photos are good enough, they will be passed along, and you may be contacted for an audition.

You can search for the big porn studio names in your area and apply to them all. Make this a regular job, especially when you get new photos to send to the studios.

Create Your Own Content to Get Noticed

Consider creating your own content on sites such as OnlyFans, which can provide a few advantages, such as working for yourself, getting exposure, and staying much safer when working only with people you know.

One of the significant issues with breaking into the porn industry and being a pornstar is getting your first break with quality content that you can use as an example of your work when applying for other jobs.

So creating your own content is a great way to make money and a film reel to provide to studios that you want to work with.

Get an Agent

Get an agent that can help you book porn gigs; this requires you to pay a fee, but you get the benefit of experience, support, and safety from somebody in the industry that knows the ins and outs and has contacts with the major studios that you want to work with.

You can find a list of licensed agents here.

Ensure if you get an agent they are licensed and aren't taking too much of your money or requesting you perform for them.