The 4 Step Framework I Use To Scale Businesses Without Increasing Budget

This free 4 step course will give you the exact framework I've used to help businesses scale throughout my career.

Do You Want to Scale Your Business?

I've helped dozens of organizations scale by using a simple framework that any business can do, whether you're just starting or you're a seasoned entrepreneur.

When I started my career, I worked with many small businesses and nonprofits that didn't have any budget or resources. I quickly learned how to improve companies and grow revenue without a large budget - or any budget at all.

Over the years, I developed a 4 step framework that has helped me crush goals and increase revenueI've used this framework to create $3 million in revenue in just a few months for a plastic surgeon in California and helped a startup scale by 704% in Texas.
And helped a business increase website traffic by 2024%.

Here's the kicker - I didn't raise either marketing budget by a cent.

It's also the same framework I'm using to scale my own business today, and I'd love to teach you what it is.

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Are You Ready To Get Over The Hump and Crush Your Goals?

The course will teach you the exact methodology I use to scale companies by 500%+ in less than a year. You'll find that this 4-step framework will work in every aspect of your company, from marketing and sales to customer success and retention.

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704% increase
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"Small Business Mentor helped us take advantage of easy wins. We were able to dramatically increase our website traffic and social media reach without changing our daily workflow. They were a huge help and made a huge impact on our growth"


"We worked with Small Business Mentor for 9 months. They helped us completely transform our sales and marketing department. When they started we had 14 leads a month and were struggling to close. Today we have over 120 leads/month and we didn't increase our marketing spend. Mike is incredible at what he does. "

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"Our goal with working with Small Business Mentor was to double our business and open a new location. We love what we do - but we weren't expert marketers. Small Business Mentor helped us develop a path to scale. I'm typing this from our 2nd location. Thanks guys!"

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"Small Business Mentor did exactly what they said they were going to do. We were spending too much money on leads, our patient acquisition process wasn't efficient, and we weren't sure how to grow. Mike helped us optimize our entire funnel, helped us retain more patients, and double our revenue. Phenomenal work and we are so happy we worked with them"


Mike Funkhouser

I started Small Business Mentor for the mom-and-pop shops and those who haven’t decided on a business name yet. The neighborhood dry cleaners and the 20-year-old E-commerce superstars. It’s for those who are branding and those who are re-branding. Those who are just starting, and those who want to retire.

This is for the seasoned entrepreneurs and the 40 hour week, “There has to be something more to this life” lunch break brainstormers. This is for the lemonade standing, car washing, lawn mowing, looking out the window dreamer.

Small Business Mentor is for you. I hope we inspire you to do more, think outside of the box, and go after whatever sets your soul on fire.

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