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How To Get Your Free Digital Marketing Audit

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Business

Give us a few details about your business and goals. We'll do some research and get back to you if we need more information.

Step 2: We Match You With Pre-Vetted Agencies

We vet marketing agencies for their ethics and results. We'll match you with a few of our favorite agencies that specialize in your unique needs.

Step 3: Get A Personal Email With Your Results

You'll get an email with a personalized audit from each of your matches. But don't worry - we hate aggressive sales tactics and don't allow agencies to blow up your inbox or phone.
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Website Design

Expertly designed websites that look beautiful and convert new customers.

Paid Advertising

Digital Advertising

Advertising that gets you an ROI, is scalable, and effective.

Content Marketing

Content Creation

Beautifully written content that builds your brand recognition and trust.

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Search Engine Optimization

Show up in search results and reap the benefits of website traffic.

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Public Relations

Build your brand, get recognized by top publications, and build trust.

Social Media Management

Social Media

Have a great social media presence that gets you customers and notoriety.

What Is A Digital Marketing Audit?

A digital marketing audit is an evaluation of your current marketing efforts. The goal of a digital marketing audit is to identify what current marketing efforts you excel at, what you need to improve on, and if there are any quick wins.

A digital marketing agency will look at many factors including content, performance, competition, audience engagement, social media presence, and more. Once these factors have been assessed from all angles, recommendations for future strategies are presented that incorporate the latest trends in marketing as well as top tips from seasoned professionals.

The best part about Small Business Mentor's Marketing Audit is that you don't just get one opinion - multiple agencies work will take a look at your business's needs and provide their unique guidance.

Is The Digital Marketing Audit Free?

Yes! We will have multiple agencies take a look at your businesses unique needs and provide an audit. This is free of charge to you.

Will I Be Contacted By Sales Reps?

You'll be contacted by multiple agencies with their personal recommendations on your digital marketing strategy. However, We have a firm rule at Small Business Mentor - no aggressive sales tactics. If one of the agencies contacts you and you think they're not respecting your email inbox or your space, let us know and they'll no longer be in our network.

What Is Included In A Digital Marketing Audit?

Competitor Research
A great audit will evaluate the strength of your competition. Understanding your competition allows you to know what they aren't doing to get easy wins and more customers. You'll also know what they are doing well so you can make sure you aren't falling behind.  

Website Evaluation
Another important part of an audit is looking at the basics. You'll need to look at their website and see what they are doing right or wrong. Most audits will also include site-speed testing, broken link checking, and other technical items that might need to be addressed for a fresh start on SEO.

Content Strategy  Evaluation
Do your competitors have great content that is driving traffic? If they do, then their content marketing strategy might be something you can learn from. Content audits help you identify gaps in what you are doing and where to improve. Your content should help your customers know you, like you, and trust you.

SEO Evaluation
Whether you have a new website or a decades-old online presence, a good audit will ensure your content is SEO optimized and can be found by search engines. An audit will help you understand potential opportunities and how to compete with your competition.

And more!
Every agency will do its audit slightly differently. Some agencies even act as secret shoppers to identify sales improvements that can be made. A good audit will be comprehensive in its approach and give you and the agency a great understanding of what you can do to improve your marketing strategy.

Over A Decade of Helping Small Businesses

Our Results Speak For Themselves
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“Small Business Mentor helped us find a world class agency that's been wonderful. They did exactly what they promised and provided an incredible recommendation. ”
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“Our marketing efforts weren't cutting it. We decided to get help but didn't know where to start. Small Business Mentor made the process painless and matched us with an awesome agency.”
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“SBM not only matched us with a great agency - they told us what to look out for and continue to answer any questions we have.”
“We needed to increase our website's traffic - but everyone we talked to didn't seem like they truly cared about us. Small Business Mentor gave us peace- of- mind that we were working with an ethical agency. ”
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“Small Business Mentor's team are truly experts and they answered all of our questions. The fact that this service is free is amazing.”
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“Great team with an even better mission. Your marketing  will improve. They put their reputation on the line to help you and provide awesome recommendations.”
Meet Our NetWork Of Agencies

Small Business Mentor Criteria

Our Criteria:

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Incredible Work

You don't get to be featured on Small Business Mentor if you settle for mediocre. All of the agencies featured on our site have incredible results with case studies and reviews to support them.

Whether it's incredible design or getting their customers a massive return on investment, success is the number one goal.

They put in the extra effort to make sure you're successful, and they don't stop until the job is done. If the results don't blow us away, or they settle for "good enough," they don't make the cut.

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Contracts shouldn't be 40 pages long with a bunch of fine print. Agencies should give friendly and clear reminders about upcoming renewals, deadlines, and results. If the agency messed up, they should make it right.

Your ad budget shouldn't be increased just because the agency wants to make more money off of you, and they should audit their work regularly.

We believe you shouldn't have to watch over an agency's shoulder to make sure they aren't ripping you off.

Check Mark in circle.

Fair and Honest Pricing

You should be able to ask for specific pricing for each service that is being given. Retainers are okay if they can specify how many hours they spent on each of the services they delivered to you.

That way, you and the agency can make data-driven decisions on how to spend your hard-earned money. Any agency that can't give you specific pricing or help you calculate an accurate return on investment isn't looking out for your best interests.

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Customer Service

Any business owner knows that the customer isn't always right. However, if you need help with something small and the agency starts referencing the contract you signed, we don't think that's fair. Even better, if the agency is proactive and you don't even have to ask, they get a gold star.

The agency should be there to help and support you (within reason) to help you accomplish your goals. Additionally, the agency should include all services needed to perform the job well in the original contract.

If they knew they were running your advertising, didn't include landing page design in your contract, and then blamed poor results on not having landing pages - they aren't looking out for you.

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