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We help you build a company that can scale sustainably. Our comprehensive suite of services and consulting are designed to dramatically increase your revenue from the top of your funnel to the bottom.

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We Use Data To Grow Your Company

Whether you want to prepare for an IPO or retire earlier, we can partner with you to build and execute a sustainable strategy that will accomplish your goals.

Grow Your Company With Data
Grow Your Company With Data
Sales and marketing can get emotional quickly. We base all of our decisions on data so you have playbook for scaling your organization.
Find Low Effort - High Impact Wins
Find Low Effort - High Impact Wins
We'll evaluate your entire company and look for areas of growth. We won't just get you more leads, we'll make sure those leads turn into customers.
Get Personalized Help Growing Your Company
A lot of growth consultants will attempt to implement a "cookie-cutter" approach even if it doesn't align with your company size and goals. We have the experience and will come up with a strategy that works for your company.

Our Process

Our approach is simple, but highly effective. We have used this framework to help dozens of organizations scale, from small businesses and startups, to high growth multi-national companies.
Evaluate Your Organization: We spend time with you and your team to make sure we know every process, every data point, and everything there is to know about your customer.

Each organization is different when it comes to how much data they have, how they use it, and what they know. Whether you're a seasoned company with decades of data, or you're just starting, we have experience helping organizations just like yours.

Find Quick Wins: We find ways to make a huge impact quickly.

Quick wins aren't always easy, but they are always impactful. Whether it's improving your funnel, optimizing your current campaigns, or working on improving follow up processes, we want to make an impact as fast as possible.

Work In Sprints: Execute on Short and Long Term Goals

We are expert project managers and will not only provide insight into where you're at, but we'll tell you exactly how to get where you want to go. We'll oversee growth initiatives, set attainable goals, and improve your numbers.

Find New Opportunities: Go Back To The Data

Most agencies and consultants can find ways to make an impact initially but get comfortable and start collecting a check without providing ROI. We are always looking to the future and how we can improve your bottom line and growth.


We quickly evaluate your company, customers, and your unique needs.

Find Quick Wins

We use data to find the most efficient way to make immediate impact on your organization.

Work In Sprints

We set attainable goals and layout project plans so you know exactly what is happening when it's happening.

Go Back To The Data

We believe we can always be doing more and reaching higher so we go back to the data and find more ways to help you grow.

We create millions of dollars in revenue every month. If you're ready to scale your business - we'd love to help.

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

Our client's typically go from unpredictable and frustrating growth, to data driven growth machines.

Simple put, If we don't think we can make a massive impact on your organization, we'll turn down your business.

Growth Strategy
Sustainable Business Growth
We help you build a strong foundation that allows you to grow in the short and the long term.
Systems Built For Your Organization
Systems Built For Your Organization
Each company is different, so we build systems and a foundation that works for your organization.
Find Low Effort - High Impact Wins
Collaborative Approach
Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success can often become siloed. We believe in cross-collaboration and finding areas for growth throughout an organization.
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704% increase

Hear From Happy Clients

We’ve worked with more than dozens of companies in both the US and abroad,  to design and implement effective and sustainable growth strategies. See what some of our clients have to say about the results.

"We worked with Small Business Mentor for 9 months. They helped us completely transform our sales and marketing department. When they started we had 14 leads a month and were struggling to close. Today we have over 120 leads/month and we didn't increase our marketing spend. Mike is incredible at what he does. "
NonProfit Network
"Small Business Mentor helped us take advantage of easy wins. We were able to dramatically increase our website traffic and social media reach without changing our daily workflow. They were a huge help and made a huge impact on our growth"

Kintsugi Yoga
"Our goal with working with Small Business Mentor was to double our business and open a new location. We love what we do - but we weren't expert marketers. Small Business Mentor helped us develop a path to scale. I'm typing this from our 2nd location. Thanks guys!"
Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery
"Small Business Mentor did exactly what they said they were going to do. We were spending too much money on leads, our patient acquisition process wasn't efficient, and we weren't sure how to grow. Mike helped us optimize our entire funnel, helped us retain more patients, and double our revenue. Phenomenal work and we are so happy we worked with them"
Joint Academy
"Small Business Mentor helped us enter the US market and  decrease our cost per download by almost $100. They helped with messaging, ad design, and overall growth initiatives that made a huge impact."

Make A Wish Michigan
"Small Business Mentor was a huge help increasing our donations our for annual bike fundraiser. We raised almost $3million in donations and couldn't have done it without Small Business Mentor!"

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When to Hire a Marketing Consultant

Businesses can hire a marketing consultant whenever they see a need. Typically an organization will hire a marketing consultant when they want to launch a new product or service or there is a change in the organization.

However, we believe that the sooner you have a solid growth foundation, the better. We have worked with quite a few organizations that didn't have a strong growth foundation and therefore didn't have customer data or an accurate way to determine customer acquisition costs. While we were able to fix these issues and build this for them, the sooner an organization has a wealth of data, the better.

What Skills Should Marketing Consultants Have?

Marketing consultants can specialize in a variety of things. Some consultants specialize in advertising strategy, others in branding, and others in social media or website design.

However, the best marketing consultants specialize in strategy and making data-driven decisions. For example,  marketing consultants specializing in a full-funnel approach can plan and execute a social media strategy that will affect your bottom line rather than just increasing your followers.

Once you have a formula that works and drives revenue for your organization, creating a cost-effective approach to execution is much easier.

What does a marketing consultant do?

Marketing Consultants can offer a wide range of services, including: SEO
Website Design
Social Media
Content Creation
Account-Based Marketing Campaigns
Sales Enablement
Nurture Funnels
Email Campaigns
Overal Branding and PR
and more!

How are marketing consultants paid?

Typically, Marketing consultants are paid by project or an hourly retainer. If you have one off projects like creating a strategy for a new product launch, that may be a situation where the consultant is paid a set fee based on the project.

However, if your organization has a more general goal like "Increasing revenue" or "increasing conversion rates," a consultant will typically be paid hourly or by a monthly retainer.

How Can A Marketing Consultant Help You?

A marketing consultant is an external professional who plans, owns, and executes the marketing efforts of businesses. These businesses range in size from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Marketing Consultants help their clients set up a foundation for boosting brand awareness, generating more leads, improving conversion rates, and more. Typically marketing consultants are paid on a retainer and have a set list of deliverables or a "scope of work."

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