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Who we are, why we are, and how we came to be.

Small Business Mentor is a platform for those interested in starting, growing, or managing their business.

Small Business Mentor was created to be the foundation that a new generation of entrepreneurs can grow from. Selfishly, we get to do what we are passionate about full time and dive headfirst into helping businesses grow. Unselfishly, we get to help as many startups, businesses, and organizations as we possibly can.

Everything You Need To Start Manage And Grow
Your Business

We'd love to help you achieve your dream.


We aim to be an honest resource for all things entrepreneurship and small business.

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We help connect small businesses with resources that are ethical, transparent, and accessible.

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Consulting & Coaching

We help solve problems so that business owners can focus on their passion instead of profits.


For The Entrepreneur

I started Small Business Mentor for the mom-and-pop shops and those who haven’t decided on a business name yet. The neighborhood dry cleaners and the 20-year-old E-commerce superstars. It’s for those who are branding and those who are re-branding. Those who are just starting, and those who want to retire.

This is for the seasoned entrepreneurs and the 40 hour week, “There has to be something more to this life” lunch break brainstormers. This is for the lemonade standing, car washing, lawn mowing, looking out the window dreamer.

Small Business Mentor is for you. I hope we inspire you to do more, think outside of the box, and go after whatever sets your soul on fire.”

Mike Funkhouser
CEO Small Business Mentor

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