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We Grow Small Businesses

We have over a decade of experience turning problems into solutions and helping businesses scale.

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Small Business Consultant

No Matter Your Business Goals - We Can Help

We spot problems, implement solutions, and achieve goals. Whether you're having trouble attracting and securing leads, or need help optimizing workflows - we'll use a data driven approach to help.

Grow Your Company With Data
Optimize Workflows
Sales and marketing can get emotional quickly. We base all of our decisions on data so you have playbook for scaling your organization.
Find Low Effort - High Impact Wins
Grow Revenue and Get More Customers
We'll evaluate your entire company and look for areas of growth. We won't just get you more leads, we'll make sure those leads turn into customers.
Get Personalized Help Growing Your Company
A lot of growth consultants will attempt to implement a "cookie-cutter" approach even if it doesn't align with your company size and goals. We have the experience and will come up with a strategy that works for your company.

How We Help Small Businesses Thrive

A simple approach with massive results. We have used this framework to help dozens of organizations scale, from small businesses and startups, to high growth multi-national companies.
Gather Data and Information: We spend time with you and your team to make sure we know every process, your business, the market, and your customer.

We have worked with organizations with more data than they knew what to do with, and other organizations that didn't have any data. No matter where your organization is in it's journey, we can help build or improve your foundation and set you up for success.

Find Quick Wins: We look for ways to make a big impact quickly.

We helped one organization increase their pipeline by 300% by just improving their lead follow up process. We helped another company cut their customer acquisition cost in half by improving their landing page conversion rates. We'll evaluate the data and find quick wins for your organization.

Build Your Foundation and Increase Revenue: Execute on Short and Long Term Goals

We never settle and believe that processes and goals can always be improved. We are expert project managers and will work alongside your team to strengthen your growth foundation, knock out short term goals, and make sure we are set up for long term success.

Find New Opportunities: Go Back To The Data

Typically, this is where agencies and consultants stop. You've had success, the company has grown, and you're happy. They can ride out their retainer until people start asking questions. Small Business Mentor is different because we immediately go back to the data and look for new opportunities for growth.


We quickly evaluate your company, customers, and your unique needs.

Find Quick Wins

We use data to find the most efficient way to make immediate impact on your organization.

Work In Sprints

We set attainable goals and layout project plans so you know exactly what is happening when it's happening.

Go Back To The Data

We believe we can always be doing more and reaching higher so we go back to the data and find more ways to help you grow.

Ready to grow? No matter what your budget is - we have a solution for everyone.

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Not Sure? That's what we are here for. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Small Business Marketing Consultants

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Our client's typically go from unpredictable growth, to doubling their employee headcount and increasing their revenue dramatically.

If we don't think we can make a massive impact on your organization, we'll turn down your business. It's as simple as that.

Growth Strategy
Grow Your Business
We believe in sustainable growth and we will make sure you're set up for short and long term success.
Systems Built For Your Organization
Get Organized
Each company is different, so we build systems and a foundation that works for your organization and your team.
Find Low Effort - High Impact Wins
Work 1:1 With Expert Consultants
You'll feel like we are a member of your team as we work with your entire team to grow your organization. We believe in cross-collaboration and finding areas for growth throughout an organization.
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Increase in leads over time
704% increase

Hear From Happy Clients

We’ve worked with more than dozens of companies in both the US and abroad,  to design and implement effective and sustainable growth strategies. See what some of our clients have to say about the results.

"We worked with Small Business Mentor for 9 months. They helped us completely transform our sales and marketing department. When they started we had 14 leads a month and were struggling to close. Today we have over 120 leads/month and we didn't increase our marketing spend. Mike is incredible at what he does. "
NonProfit Network
"Small Business Mentor helped us take advantage of easy wins. We were able to dramatically increase our website traffic and social media reach without changing our daily workflow. They were a huge help and made a huge impact on our growth"

Kintsugi Yoga
"Our goal with working with Small Business Mentor was to double our business and open a new location. We love what we do - but we weren't expert marketers. Small Business Mentor helped us develop a path to scale. I'm typing this from our 2nd location. Thanks guys!"
Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery
"Small Business Mentor did exactly what they said they were going to do. We were spending too much money on leads, our patient acquisition process wasn't efficient, and we weren't sure how to grow. Mike helped us optimize our entire funnel, helped us retain more patients, and double our revenue. Phenomenal work and we are so happy we worked with them"
Joint Academy
"Small Business Mentor helped us enter the US market and  decrease our cost per download by almost $100. They helped with messaging, ad design, and overall growth initiatives that made a huge impact."

Make A Wish Michigan
"Small Business Mentor was a huge help increasing our donations our for annual bike fundraiser. We raised almost $3million in donations and couldn't have done it without Small Business Mentor!"

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Pricing for all types of organizations. We have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes to dramatically increase their revenue. If we decide we aren't a great match, we'll point in the right direction and make sure you're taken care of one way or the other.

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How Small Business Consulting Can Help You

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