What is a Good Gift for a New Business Owner

It’s common practice to send gifts to new businesses that you’re working with to show appreciation for the hard work done and what will be coming in the future. It’s also a nice gesture for your existing business relationships, especially when you’re trying to keep a good working relationship. 

However, in any Business To Business relationship, you need to ensure you select the right gifts so that you don’t offend anyone and keep your business relationship intact.

Below we’re reviewing some considerations before purchasing any gifts and then some options for different situations that may arise. 

Corporate Gift Giving Etiquette

●     Keeping a small budget per gift is important for corporate gifting. Sending substantial gifts to businesses, especially individuals, can be considered a bride or cause tax implications. 

In some situations, a gift to an individual may be as low as $25 or up to $500. You should double-check to see what kind of limits there are in your jurisdiction. In general, you can give more significant gifts to a business rather than an individual.

●     Try to personalize your gifts if possible, even if you’re buying many gifts for all of your business contacts in the form of gift cards. Try to get a variety and select a gift card you believe would be better received.

Don’t give gift cards to things somebody really won’t use, such as a local gift card to somebody who doesn’t have that type of store in their city.

●     Stick with business-related items such as gift cards or office products, rather than trying to buy something fun or too personal, unless you have an actual personal relationship for the person or people you’re buying gifts for.

●     Please don’t make assumptions about people, such as whether they celebrate certain holidays. Keep your gifts relatively generic even if they’re being given at specific times of year because you don’t want to end up offending a business that you want a good relationship with.

●     Consider giving promotional gifts in a tasteful way that showcases your logo without being too large. If this will be for general consumption, then provide a few items in the package for many company employees, such as hats, t-shirts, pens, stickers, and anything that most corporations enjoy receiving.

Gifts for New Business Owners

Whether you’re congratulating a friend for their new business venture or looking to introduce yourself to a new business that you think would work well with your business, there are many great gift ideas that you can send a new business owner.

Branded Coffee Set for the new business or coffee related supplies

Branded Coffee Set for the new business or coffee related supplies

Almost any business owner will be tired from all of the work getting a business set up, and if employees are working with them, they’ll love the gift of coffee.

When you add your brand to the set you provide, it means you will be thought of every morning as the business owner and employees drink their coffee.

Branded Water Bottles 

Depending on the business owner and employees, if they’re not big coffee drinkers, you can opt for branded water bottles that most people would enjoy using at their desks or even at the gym when they go.

It’s a functional gift that they could use for a long time, and it’s a constant reminder of you and your business.

Gifts for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are often running on tight margins. They don’t always have the money available to purchase things for their business or office that aren’t critical, so finding gifts for small business owners can mean thinking about what would be nice for an office but isn’t critical. 

Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated, and if you select the right gift, it could stay there for years as a reminder.

Branded Coffee Subscription

Unless they’re a new business, they likely have their coffee cups and maker all set up, but a branded coffee subscription is a way to send them a monthly reminder that you and your business appreciate working with them.

Business gifts aren’t always just about sending a gift; it’s a reminder that you and your business relationship exist.

Give The Gift Of BBQ

If you know that the small business does BBQs for employees or has that option available, then providing a selection of the best meats that the business can share and BBQ together is a great gift and something that they will love and use.

Just be sure that this is something that they can use; many businesses have Friday BBQs and drinks to get employees together after a hard week’s work. However, if they don’t have a BBQ, it may not be a good gift unless the owner takes it home.

Good Luck Gifts for Business Owners

Sending a business owner a good luck gift is an excellent way to let them know you wish them the best in their new business venture or change that is coming, which could involve a new business or an expansion that’s currently underway. It’s a nice gesture that also serves to remind them about you and your business.

Feng Shui Jade Money Tree

Feng Shui is a common way to introduce wealth and success into a business, and this is a perfect corporate gift that isn’t overpriced but purveys good luck to the business owner that you’re gifting. It’s also something they can keep in their office as a constant reminder of your business.

Jade Plant (Crassula Plant)

If you’re looking to provide a real plant, the Jade plant is still a great option as a good luck gift for new business owners. It’s a common plant that many businesses store somewhere within their offices to bring good luck to business ventures.

Almost any nursery or flower store near you will sell Jade plants for not very much, and most businesses appreciate a real plant to liven and fresh their office up.

Congratulation Gift Ideas For Business Owners

Sending a congratulations gift for a significant milestone or something that has recently happened that is a big deal is a great option to keep your business relationships strong with other business owners. Just be sure not to send too many gifts too often, or it’ll become old and no longer something special that you’re doing.

Air Plant Terrarium Kit

A terrarium kit is a great and inexpensive gift that you can give directly to any business owner. It’s well under any corporate gift-giving requirements and is something that they can sit on their desk as a constant reminder of you and your business, which is the goal of corporate gift giving.

Self-Heating Mug

A self-heating mug is a perfect gift for anybody that drinks coffee or tea in the mornings, as it allows them to keep their beverage fresh and hot as they’re working. As long as you get it for somebody that actually drinks something hot in the mornings, then it’s a great and usable corporate gift that won’t just be thrown away.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Business Owners

Most businesses slow down for the Christmas season, and it’s a great time to put some thought into gifts to send out to other businesses you work with. Whether they’re vendors, contractors, or people you work for, it’s an excellent time to remind them that you appreciate working with them.

Barkbox Subscription

If you know that the business owner has a dog they love, then a barkbox subscription is a great gift for them that connects you to something they love, and it’s a monthly reminder of your corporate friendship.

The barkbox is a monthly gift that provides toys and snacks for dogs, so it’s very personalized to the person you’re giving it to.

Cookie Gift Box

Something to enjoy for the entire office when things are slow, and everybody just wants to relax and eat some food.

This is a great simple gift that would be hard not to be enjoyed by almost anybody, even if they’re just sharing it with their staff.