Tiktok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, gaining more traction during the past few years. People stay at home and look for entertainment in restaurants, movie theatres, and other closed activities.

Originally Tiktok was geared toward the younger generations. Still, vast communities with people of all ages have popped up on the platform, which has opened up the earning potential of businesses looking to sell products.

As a business or just an interested user, you may want to know how to see who shared your TikTok creations so you can gain more information on potential customers.

Follow along as I provide information on seeing who shared your TikTok and what you can do with that information.

Can You See Who Shared Your Tiktok?

When you create a Tiktok and share it on your account, other users can share it through various other methods by clicking on the share button when viewing your Tiktok. However, due to privacy reasons, Tiktok states they will not provide an exact list of users that have shared your Tiktok.

So in simple terms, you can’t see who shared your Tiktoks, and that information is only available to TikTok.

As a business, do you need to see a list of users that have shared your Tiktoks? The information you want is data about what type of people are viewing and sharing your Tiktoks so that you can see if your approach is reaching the right audience and modify as needed.

If you have a Tiktok Pro account, you can get access to information on the types of people viewing, sharing, and interacting with your Tiktoks, so you can use that information as you see fit. 

How Do You Switch to a TikTok Pro Account?

A TikTok Pro account gives you access to analytics on your account that regular users don’t see, whether they’re creating TikToks or not. Luckily it’s free to sign up for a TikTok Pro account. 

The quick and easy steps to sign up for a TikTok Pro account are listed below:

  1. Sign into TikTok.
  2. Navigate to your profile page.
  3. Select the Privacy and Settings tab.
  4. Select “Manage My Account.”
  5. Select “Switch to Pro Account.”

TikTok will take you through the steps required to convert your account into a TikTok Professional account. Then you get access to all of the historical and future analytics data about your videos and the TikTok users that are interacting with them.

What Information Does TikTok Pro Provide?

Once you’ve enabled TikTok Pro, you will find a new Analytics button in your account, which will take you to a dashboard that provides an overview of your account, including general account status, content insights, and follower insights.

From your TikTok Pro dashboard, you can start deep-diving into various areas about your videos, followers, and other information that TikTok is willing to share with you.

You can switch between a 7 days and 28 days view of your TikTok account stats from your profile view. This lets you see your video views, profile views, and follow count so you can see if the trend on each of those metrics is going up or down and what kind of growth you may be getting throughout each month.

The content view will provide analytics about your actual videos and how they’re performing. This is where you find information on who shared your TikTok and other information helpful in seeing which content is doing the best. 

Information from the content view includes which videos are doing the best, where your viewers are coming from, the demographics of your viewers, and more information that is constantly being added.

Your follower tab provides more detailed information about your actual followers, including their gender, age, and country. You’ll also be able to see which videos do the best with each demographic and what times your followers are most active.

What Can You Do With the Information on Who Shared Your TikTok?

If your original goal was to find out how to see who shared your TikTok so that you could get an idea of your audience, then the TikTok Pro account features will provide much more actionable information.

You will be able to see which types of videos are doing the best so that you can focus on those videos rather than wasting your time on videos that don’t get views and aren’t converting well.

You can see if your videos are reaching your intended audience. It’s great if you get thousands of views, but if you sell certain products and the audience engaging and viewing your content won’t buy your product, then your videos aren’t going to be converting.

If your audience doesn’t match what you’re selling, then you need to change up your videos to reach a different audience or start selling or focusing on other products to promote to your TikTok audience.

Understanding when your intended audience views and interacts with videos is an excellent indicator of when you should be releasing videos. For example, if your audience only comes on at night, you may not want to release videos at the start of the day. Often without good engagement, your videos won’t do well.


It’s not possible to get a list of users who shared your TikTok, but if your goal is actually to understand your audience and figure out if you are doing well, then the TikTok Pro account is going to be a much better option for your business.

Because the TikTok Pro account is free to convert to, there are no real downsides to making this change. You should do it and start reviewing the analytics available from TikTok to grow your brand and sell your products or services more effectively.

Understanding your current audience and matching them with the right products will allow you to convert viewers into customers better.