How To Sell Weed

The weed industry has had a massive makeover in recent years, thanks to various countries legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana. It’s expected that global weed sales will reach $33.6 Billion by 2025, and that figure could go even higher if more US states legalize marijuana.

With the huge potential and vast range of different options available in selling weed, you may consider it a business opportunity but need further information on how to sell weed.

Follow along as I provide the information you need to sell weed and get started on your new venture.

Is Selling Weed Legal?

In the US right now, it’s federally illegal to sell or possess marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. However, different states in the US have legalized or decriminalized marijuana to various levels. Eighteen states have legalized the use and sale of weed, and 13 states have decriminalized the use of weed.

So before you get started selling weed, make sure you’re aware of the legality of marijuana in your specific state so you can follow appropriate laws and regulations.

How Do You Sell Weed?

You need to ask yourself how much money you want to invest, who you want to sell to, and how much money you want to make by selling weed.

You can sell weed in a variety of ways, including:

Gone are the days of selling weed on the street, and you shouldn’t do this. You open yourself up to harm, theft, and legal issues. In addition, the less visible you are when selling weed, the less attention and problems you will face.

If your goal on finding out how to sell weed is just to start a small business with minimal investment and risk, then your best option will be opening a weed website that offers delivery through the mail or via couriers.

How Do You Open A Weed Website And Weed Delivery Service?

When you’re first starting and trying to figure out how to sell weed, a great first stepping stone is opening a weed website that provides delivery locally.

It’s key not to sell or deliver weed across state lines or internationally. All states should have a big enough demand that you’ll be able to make good money if you provide good service.

Research Your Local Market

It’s almost guaranteed that there is demand in your local market for weed, but you may be competing with other local websites and dispensaries for local customers. So spend some time researching your competitors to see what products they sell and their options for delivery.

Some key things to consider are:

It’s also worthwhile to see what products aren’t being sold locally but are selling well in other cities, as that may be a selling point of your new business.

Suppose dispensaries close at 5 pm and local weed websites take two days for delivery. In that case, that may open an opportunity for you to find ways to deliver faster through couriers or other options.

Setup Your Business

As a weed website, you may not need to create a complete business plan or register a corporation as those are best left up to dispensaries and bigger businesses. You need to think about taxes, banking, and payments for your business.

Pay Your Taxes

No matter the legality of your weed business, it’s essential that you set up and pay all taxes on money that you’re making. You don’t need to divulge your business, but you do need to pay taxes.

Investigate Banking Options

No bank will allow you to open an account for a weed business, so you’ll need to consider a shell company or other options for storing your money associated with the payments that you take. A big issue will be if you do open a bank account and the bank discovers your business, they could close the account and hold your funds.

Investigate Payment Options

The ability to take secure payments that can’t be charged back will be essential, especially if you’re delivering weed through the mail. Consider what happens if you send the delivery and then a customer charges back saying it’s fraudulent, which is possible with places like Paypal or credit card processing companies.

Secure and irreversible payment options such as crypto (Bitcoin and Ethereum) may be the best option, though depending on your market could limit which customers will buy from you. Bigger or more tech-friendly cities will do well with crypto, but other locations may not have a big enough customer base willing to use and pay with that method.

Find A Weed Distributor

One of the most crucial components of your business will be finding a reliable, quality, and convenient distributor for your weed business.

If you don’t buy wholesale from a distributor, then your profit margins will be extremely slim, or you’re going to be setting prices higher than other businesses in your area.

Do some research on distributors in your area to find somebody that matches your needs from a quality, speed, and convenience factor but that also provides the weed products you want to sell.

What’s fantastic is that weed distributors are also on the internet, so if you have no idea where to start, search for “cannabis wholesaler California” and replace California with your city or state to see what results from you get.

Build Your Website

Building a functional website that can easily list your weed products, update, and take payment will be a significant factor. The easier you can make the process for customers, the more likely they will return.

Consider hosting your website in a friendly jurisdiction to the weed industry, such as Canada or the Netherlands. Various hosting companies specialize in the weed industry, so look them up on Google. You’ll want to pay for your hosting using something like bitcoin to avoid payments tracing back to you easily.

Purchase Equipment

Depending on what weed products you sell, you’ll need to invest in specialized packaging that is air-tight, so there is no smell, and the freshness is kept.

You’ll also need to invest in scales to ensure you provide the appropriate amount of weed product for each order you process.

Think about how you will send the weed and the fastest but cheapest option available. Often prepaid packaging is a good option, and in some cases, you can charge the customer the price of delivery if they’re interested in one of the faster next-day delivery options.

Marketing Your Weed Business

A good marketing strategy will be essential when breaking into the weed-selling market. Depending on how competitive your local weed market is, you may need to invest considerable time and resources into making people aware you exist.

You can do the work yourself or pay for a service to help you optimize your website. Often it’s better to do it yourself if you have the time and technical ability because it will be cheaper, and you can invest as much time as you have into the process.

Anywhere with a lot of walking traffic and already has sticks and posters put up will be an excellent opportunity to grab some interested pedestrians to check your website out on their phones.

Otherwise, you can offer referral bonuses; if your customer refers a friend to your website, then they get $5 off on their next purchase. Get your customers involved and excited about being part of your marketing.