Who doesn’t know about mermaids? They frequently appear in movies, books, and more. We don’t even need imagination anymore! The mythical sea-dwelling creatures still bring out the wide-eyed inner child of many people and can be found and invited to different events, thanks to mermaid businesses. Mermaid businesses bring the excitement of mermaids to events and parties, and if you choose this business idea, keep in mind that there is more to starting a business than the legal formalities. This article will summarize everything you’ll need to know to start your own well-planned business.

What does a Mermaid do?

Today’s mermaid is a performer that can be hired for:

●   Decoration in parties. A mermaid is mainly hired for the visual appeal and ambiance they provide at parties; they can interact and swim with kids in children’s parties and hang out and chat with guests in beach, pool parties, luxury events, or festivals.

●    Mermaid swimming lessons. Mermaids can teach kids how to swim. These lessons and workshops are great activities that create a fun and memorable experience.

●     Acting/modeling. From shows to ads and commercials, a professional mermaid is a great option when  posing or acting for a long period of time.

●     Aquarium performer. Aquarium mermaids amuse guests (adults and children) by swimming around, waving, blowing kisses, and more. Sometimes aquariums will host meets and greets where mermaids can take pictures with the visitors which is a great addition to your portfolio.

●     Brand ambassador/influencer. An online mermaid platform can generate income by being a representative of a brand or company.

●     Mermaid business owner. On top of being a mermaid at events, you can diversify your income by running your own mermaid business. From selling mermaid products to earning commissions by joining affiliate programs, building a team of mermaids is the next step if you’re doing very well.

●     Athlete/competitive mermaid. Getting sponsorships and product endorsement contracts can be achieved by displaying swimming skills and breath-hold at local, national, and international competitions.

How to Start a Mermaid Business?

The mermaid economy is positively booming, and becoming a mermaid is a lifestyle choice that involves far more than meets the eye. Mermaid businesses usually bring fairytales’ glory to birthday parties, pool parties, beach parties, festivals, and other events, with more and more professionals working full-time. Starting a mermaid business can be done by following these steps:

●     Plan your business. A clear plan will help you map out the specifics of your business to be successful as an entrepreneur. A business plan must cover the ongoing expenses, the target market, the price reference, the profit range, and the name of your mermaid business.

●     Form a legal entity. Establishing a legal business entity, such as an LLC or corporation, will protect you from being held personally liable if your business is sued. While you can start an LLC yourself, you can hire an LLC Service for an additional fee.

●     Register for taxes. Before opening a business, you will need to register for various state and federal taxes via an EIN (Employer Identification Number.)

●     Open a business bank account and set up business accounting. Dedicated business banking and credit accounts are essential for personal asset protection. Make sure you record expenses and sources of income for a better understanding of your financial performance.

●     Get business insurance. A business needs insurance to operate safely and lawfully.

●     Define your brand and online presence. Your brand is crucial for your success because it stands for how the public perceives your business. Promoting and marketing your mermaid business, keeping customers coming, and creating a logo back are essential steps to think about while making your business plan!

What Should You Charge?

Mermaids can make around $70,000 per year, depending on how they run their business. How much you should charge should be justified to the client and must cover your costs (props, preparation, travel, etc.) at the same time. A successful mermaid business can bring in significant revenues, and a mermaid business makes money by charging booking fees that are usually charged by the hour. The rate for children’s events, for example, is reported to be $250 per hour. You could earn up to $750 if you manage to obtain 2 hours bookings thrice in a day. Don’t forget that you can make your business more profitable by diversifying and increasing income through endorsements, commissions, social media, and many more.

What are the Licenses and Certifications Needed?

Being a professional mermaid requires hard work and dedication. Still, before thinking about recognized licenses and certifications, an aspiring mermaid should be a good swimmer, can breath-hold and pose for a long time, can do underwater tricks, and have mermaid costumes and accessories.

A mermaid career starts with adequate certifications and relevant experience. Certifications include scuba or free diver certification, lifeguard certification, and CPR/first aid/AED certification. On the other hand, a rich experience can include athletic swimming, working with kids, and performing in front of an audience.

How to market your Mermaid Business?

Promoting a business through social media has never been easier! One of the most effective ways to promote a mermaid business is through TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, and mermaids’ pictures and videos are often liked and shared. Before that, you may need to start by obtaining a business phone number and an email account so clients can contact you and build your web presence by creating a website and a YouTube channel. Your next potential client can be one click away.

How to Find Professional Mermaid Jobs?

●     Get listed. Being listed on a website that shows professional mermaids for hire in the area is a great option to find opportunities and potential clients.

●     Reach out to mermaids in the area. You can start by finding out if there are mermaids near you. They might need you for collaborations or if they  need some extra mermaids.

●     Get online/social media ads. The power of advertising can be the key to your success. Your ad as a mermaid can appear to someone who’s never even heard of professional mermaids before!