How would you like to make money restoring headlights? If so, then starting a mobile headlight restoration business may be an excellent career choice for you! This article will give you the information you need to know how to start a mobile headlight restoration business. We'll go over what it is, how much it costs to start one up, what materials are needed and how much they cost, how much money can be made in this industry, and how to get started. After reading this blog you should have everything you need to know how to start a mobile headlight restoration business.

What is a Headlight Restoration Business?

A headlight restoration business is a company that restores headlights to their former glory. When headlights become dull and cloudy, customers sometimes want them restored so they look as good as new again.

Headlights are made of plastic, which can oxidize when exposed to UV light When headlights become dull and cloudy, they can make a car look older than it is. Additionally, Triple A says that oxidized and cloudy headlights are actually a safety hazard. Oxidized headlights have a yellowish tint that makes it difficult to see at night or in foggy conditions

Restoring a headlight usually involves an abrasive brush, chemicals, and a skilled hand. While anyone can use at-home remedies to temporarily repair a cloudy headlight, the headlights can become re-oxidized quickly unless taken care of by a professional.  

A mobile headlight restoration service takes the equipment wherever you need it to be to restore your headlights for you on-site. Headlights can usually be restored within an hour and the service is usually very affordable.

How To Make Money Restoring Headlights

Restoring headlights is a relatively easy and straightforward process that doesn’t require any formal education. You simply need to know how to use the equipment properly in order to do it correctly, which you can learn by watching YouTube videos or getting some practice on an old headlight

The good thing is that you'll never run out of cars that need attention.  As long as there are cars on the road, you'll have people who need their headlights restored.

The tools necessary to clean headlights are portable and can be carried in a backpack. Therefore, you can take your show on the road to different locations. Since it doesn't take very much time at all, you can quickly make a significant amount of income after perfecting your sales pitch and finding the right customers.

What Materials Do You Need To Restore Headlights?

While it's possible to make headlights look slightly better using at-home remedies, to professionally clean headlights you'll need a few pieces of equipment. Luckily, the equipment is relatively inexpensive and you'll hopefully be able to make a profit quickly.

You'll need just a few tools to start restoring headlights. These include:

 -An electric drill with the appropriate headlight restoration kit

-A polishing wheel and pads of varying grits (coarse, medium, fine)

-Chemical cleaners for removing oxidation after sanding or buffing out scratches in plastic headlights

To protect the car's paint, you'll also want painter's tape. And to protect your hands from harsh chemicals, gloves are recommended.  

These tools are fairly inexpensive and readily available online or at your local hardware store.

What should You Charge to Restore Headlights?

The cost of how much it costs to restore headlights can vary but companies usually charge $50-$100 for the service. With materials costing just a few dollars, you can quickly make a profit at these prices.

Your pricing will depend on the location, competition, and other demographic factors. Remember, someone can buy a headlight restoration kit or the same materials you're using themselves. You'll need to show that the value of your services is there with great results.

What are the startup costs?

The startup costs for a headlight restoration business are relatively low, but how much money you make will depend on how many customers you can get and how affordable your prices are.  

If you're starting small, you can purchase materials for less than $50.

Practicing on a few friends' and families' cars, you'll be able to start charging people in no time.

Marketing your Headlight Restoration Business

Once you've gotten the hang of how to restore headlights, it's time to get your name out there.

If you're planning on doing headlight restoration as a side business or starting small, word of mouth is usually enough marketing for new customers. However, if this will be your primary source of income then you'll need to invest some time and money in marketing.

An easy way to get your name out there without spending too much money is to walk around parking lots putting flyers in the windshields of cars that have foggy headlights. With a few hundred cars in the parking lot, just a 1-2% conversion rate could put hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

You could also partner with local automotive dealerships, rental car dealers, and taxi services to have a steady stream of customers.  You'll need to perfect your elevator pitch, but the number of cars you'll have will be a great source of income. To improve your offer, learning how to detail cars can give you a huge advantage on your competition as well.