Roadside assistance business involves assisting travelers who got in trouble for some reason and require some help. For instance, imagine you are in your car moving on the road, and all of a sudden, your car’s engine broke. It is where the roadside assistance business comes into play.  

What is Roadside Assistance Business?

Breakdown coverage and roadside assistance businesses provide services that help bicyclists or motorists who got into trouble due to mechanical failure. You can ask for help if your car won’t start, the tire gets flattened, run out of fuel, or any electrical or mechanical failure. 

They will assist you with your problem and, in turn, charge a specific amount depending on the services provided. Presently, the roadside assistance business has quickly moved in a new direction and become an exciting investment realm for investors. 

This business is not restricted to car support but has an extensive scope depending on different locations and different problems. Some are simple issues that easily get solved, while some problems require expert assistance, and roadside assistants are here to help.

How to Start Roadside Assistance Business?

Starting a roadside assistance business is a high-earning and profitable business. Many people feel frustrated when their vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere as they don’t have any way to fix their vehicle. Here are some things to consider and steps to start a roadside assistance business.

Study the market

The roadside assistance business market is different from the rest. You are also new to this trade, so it is good to study the market before stepping into it. You will have to perform a feasibility study for your planned business.

Feasibility analysis comprises a deep reach about the matter by examining all aspects of the business, its advantages and disadvantages, and recommendations on how a business can work. 

It also tells about making the profit from the business, challenges faced in a particular business, and the required budget to start up. The resulting report from the feasibility analysis will help you decide where to establish your business.

Business plan

Studying the market will help you devise a business plan. It will have all the details regarding your new roadside assistance business. A business plan will carry some crucial points, including:

Making a business plan is essential as it tells you the way to work ahead on your business. It will also help invite investors and seek loans from banks.

Select Your Areas of Expertise

Before you establish your own company, select your specific niche. You will have to identify your expertise. Here are some areas of expertise in the roadside assistance business:

If you have low capital to invest in the business, you can begin with single business expertise. Choose the low-cost expertise if you have a low budget.

Learn From the Competition in The Market

Choose the location where competition is less. You can’t expect your business to thrive in an area where dozens of competing businesses are already operating. Customers generally opt for popular roadside assistance services in a specific area. So, look for a less competitive area for your new business.

Select the Right Location for your Business

Build your office at a place where it is easy to reach customers. Choose a less competitive place except for the competitive location as it will require fewer struggles. Newly built roads have fewer or no road support services, and you can select such areas to offer your services to travelers. 

Requirements for Roadside Assistance Business

You are planning to start a new roadside assistance business. So, you will need to have everything you require for the startup, such as vehicles, staffing, fuel, mechanical tools, mobile vehicles, etc.

Here are some requirements for a roadside assistance business:


The main thing you will require for a roadside assistance business is a vehicle to reach customers at their location. The mobile vehicle should have the necessary mechanical tools, staffing, and a full fuel tank. A typical vehicle like a van can also assist the clients.

Customer Care Service Center

You will need to create a center for customer service. It involves a helpline number and a mobile app where customers can contact you for help. It will help you provide information regarding your business to the customers and solve their issues. Your business will receive more responses if you have good customer care service. 

Tow Truck

You will also need a towing vehicle. It is an automobile that is used in situations when no other vehicle can move on its own. If an accident occurs, a towing vehicle will be required to tie the vehicle. Getting a towing vehicle will also require a truck or tempo. 

Tools and Equipment

Mechanical equipment is a necessary part of a roadside assistance business. If you don’t know about the required tools, you can get them with the assistance of a professional mechanic. If your business is specifically for bikes or cars, you will have to get tools, particularly for these vehicles.

How to Market a Roadside Assistance Business

If you have started a new roadside assistance business, it is important to let consumers know about your company. You can directly market your services to users. However, a more frequently used tactic is to advertise your startup to well-known roadside assistance platforms like local auto dealers, insurance companies, and more.

Every business has its way of becoming an accepted roadside assistance service. But, you will have to ascertain that your new business can offer high-class roadside assistance services to travelers in their preferred location.