How To Support Your Friend's Small Business For Free

You're a great friend and you want to support the entrepreneur in your life. However, knowing how to do this is not always clear if you don't have a lot of money on hand. Here, we will talk about 10 ways on how you can support your friend's small business and help them succeed without spending any money.

1. Set Up a Monthly Recurring Donation to the Entrepreneur's Business

Setting up monthly recurring purchases or donations is a great way to support your friend's business without spending too much money. You can set up the donation, whether it be $5 or $100, and do this each month on auto-pay so that you're always helping out!

Your small monthly contribution can help your entrepreneur friend with their finances, pay for marketing expenses, or even just put food on the table while they get started with their business.

Spreading out your contribution, or giving smaller amounts, will help lessen the burden on you as well. After all, you aren't made of money.

2. Share Their Social Media Posts Photos on Your Own Page

Sharing your friend's posts on social media is a great way to help them grow their audience and gain more interest in what they're doing. Sharing the post will allow it to be seen by your own followers as well, which can lead to organic traffic for the entrepreneur in your life!

As an entrepreneur, there is nothing more encouraging than friends and family openly supporting what you do. Sharing your friend's updates, products, or services on your social media with a little encouragement can go a long way.

Your followers, friends, and family likely trust and value your opinion as well. Simply showing that you support your friend may convince others to start purchasing their products and services as well.

3. Write Reviews of Their Products or Services Online

Writing a review is an easy way to help your friend's small business without spending money. Your review can be seen by other potential customers, which will lead them to purchase the product or service as well.

Any business owner knows that getting reviews are tough to get, especially positive reviews. If a company, product, or service doesn't have any reviews yet, getting a review is even harder.

By leaving a review, you're not only instilling confidence in your friend's future customers, but you're also encouraging them to leave a review as well.

4. Tell Your Other Friends and Family About Them

Whenever you get the chance, spreading the word about your friend's business can be a huge help. If they're just getting started, they may not have much money for marketing, and word of mouth is their only lifeline.

Whenever you get the chance to bring them up in conversation, do it! This could be such at work or during coffee breaks with other people you know who might also be interested in what they do.

Better yet, you could also think about hosting a launch party or event to help your friend out. This way, you can easily bring people together and allow them to learn about your friend's company. If you're lucky, everyone will bring a friend or two.

5. Give Them Feedback on Their Business

Whether it's giving them ideas on how to improve their marketing strategy, new product ideas, or giving honest opinions about their product or service, you could be a big help.  

As an entrepreneur, it's not always easy to get honest feedback on your business. If you're just starting out, an entrepreneur probably has a "fake it until you make it" attitude. Having a trusted friend that will be able to give honest advice and feedback without the risk of losing a customer can be incredibly helpful.

Getting honest feedback about what you do makes the road ahead a little easier with fewer blind spots. After all, feedback and learning from mistakes are what takes us from good to great.

6. Introduce Them to Other People You Know Who Could Become Potential Customers or Partners

If your friend has a business, you likely have other people in their life who can also benefit from what they do. Whether it's letting them know about potential customers you know of, or connecting them with an acquaintance who would be a good partner, can make a huge difference.

Just because your friend isn't in the corporate world anymore doesn't mean connections don't matter. Knowing the right people who can get you from point A to Point B can accelerate their growth.

Even if it's a friend of a friend who is also starting their own, completely unrelated business, you'd be surprised just how many similarities there are between industries.  Knowing

Knowing someone who can offer advice, support, or even future partnerships is an incredible gift. You never know where the right connections are needed!

7. Cook Them a Meal

Being an entrepreneur can be difficult on the wallet.  If your friend's business is just getting started, they may not have extra money to go out and eat. Unless they have saved a large sum of money, every dollar they make usually goes right back into their business.

If they do have extra money left over, they are normally working countless hours and may not have time for a home-cooked meal.

By cooking them a meal or bringing them leftovers, you're giving the gift of time and a comforting meal. Whether they use the extra time to relax or to get more work done, you'll be doing them a great service.

8. Offer Them a Place to Stay if Things Go South

Starting a business is scary and can be a huge strain financially. Many individuals aren't able to start a business because they don't have the luxury of having a Plan B.  

If your friend is starting a business, you'll want to make sure they're prepared for the worst. You never know when things could go completely wrong and that startup money might disappear.

By letting them stay at your place if their other financial options aren't available, you'd be doing them a huge favor. You'd also be giving them peace of mind that they can go after their dream with everything they have without the fear of being left out on the street if things don't work out.

9. Offer Your Time

Whether it's monitoring an email inbox so nothing falls through the cracks or washing dishes every once in a while, your time can big a huge help.  

Offering your time doesn't have to just be at their business either. You can offer to help around the house, babysit the kids, or run errands. Entrepreneurs are normally trying to do one hundred things at once, so helping take things off their plate can be a huge help.

As they say, time is money. The more time you can save them, the more time they can invest into their business.

10. Offer Your Skills

Whether you're great at math, a graphic designer, or great with computers, your skills can be a huge asset to their business.

As an entrepreneur, you normally have to learn on the go. Since money isn't readily available, you often can't hire a lot of independent contractors.  By offering your skills to a friend, you can save them money or countless hours of trying to figure it out themselves.

Whether it's designing a flyer or a logo or helping with a website that's in desperate need of maintenance—your skills can be a huge help. Not only will you be giving them the chance to grow their business, but it may also give you some more recognition down the line as well.


If you want to support your friend’s small business, but don’t have a lot of money on hand, there are still plenty of ways that you can help. We hope the list inspires and enables you to show love for your friends in their entrepreneurial endeavors without breaking the bank.