Laundromat Business Plan

Laundry is an essential part of our lives, so a laundromat business will always be in demand. Many people live in apartments or homes that don't have laundry machines or have time to wash clothes themselves. 

Starting a laundromat business is not as difficult as it seems if you have a business plan. Outlining everything regarding the business will help you set it up with ease.

If you're looking for a laundromat business plan, you're in the right place. Here is everything that your written plan must include.

Business Location

When setting up a laundromat business, you must find a suitable location to set up your shop. It is preferred to get a place on the main road and have high visibility for such a business.

A laundromat that is easily accessible and has good parking space is more likely to attract visitors. Besides that, you should ensure that your neighborhood is safe. Additionally, the building should have adequate access to utility sources such as water.

Once you have researched all these things, you must write them correctly in your laundromat business plan. We recommend that you use graphs to represent neighborhood safety and much more.


You must include an equipment section in your laundromat business plan sample to attract investors. This is because it will allow the investor to understand your aims in a better way.

A laundromat can operate using three types of machines. These are:

The best option for your business is hybrid machines. Hybrid machines are best because they offer high convenience to customers, not to mention their choices won't be limited. 

Many consumers prefer a card option because it is a faster payment method. People are also more likely to spend money on laundry due to card acceptance. Additionally, this method can achieve more profits because of incremental pricing and much more.

Products And Services

This section always comes after the equipment part in your business plan. Outlining what your business is selling will allow the investors to consider your proposal. Besides that, if you offer additional services, you must include them in the plan.

Depending on the region you will be setting up your shop, it is best to develop a rate card. Then, once you have written the rates for the services, you can include them in your business plan. Doing this will save time and be ahead of your schedule.

Staff And Hours

Staffing and hours are essential to consider when writing your business plan. A bank and investor would want to know how many employees you will be hiring. Additionally, you should include the salaries you see fit for different positions.

Once you have written all the details related to staff, it is essential to come up with business hours. For example, you can open a 24/7 laundromat business. However, keep in mind this will require you to hire different people for night and day shifts. Thus, your management costs will be higher.

Target Market And Competitors

A laundromat business is just like any other business, which is why you must research your target market. Some factors you should consider are your business location, ideal customer, and ideal service. Once you think about these things, you can identify your target market and implement strategies to make the most out of it.

The critical thing to remember is to highlight what makes your business plan stand out in the crowd. Besides that, you must scope out competitors and learn what services they offer. Outlining the details of these two things will allow the investor to understand your aim.

SWOT Analysis

Your business may be in the initial stages when you start writing your laundromat business plan sample. However, that does not matter when conducting a SWOT analysis. This is because it will serve as a brainstorming session for you.

By conducting this analysis, you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Once you do that, you should include these things in your laundromat business plan. This will allow you to keep track of the issues and tackle them.

Financial Costs

Drawing up a financial plan is essential when opening a new laundromat business. A financial plan will help you save time and get done with meaningful work.

In your financial plan, you should include the costs of setting up the business. The critical thing to do is list all possible things you will have to pay for. For example, rent of the place, equipment prices, down payment for loans are costs you should include in your plan.

Besides that, you should make forecasts of potential revenues you will achieve. Having these things in your laundromat business plan will allow the investor to know whether the deal will be profitable for them or not.

Pricing Plan

It would be best to develop reasonable prices before starting your venture. An easy way to do this is by looking at the local competition and asking friends and family what they would be willing to pay for laundry. 

Coming up with pricing will help you determine potential profitability, how many customers you need, and budget for your first year. 

Your pricing strategy should be implemented while keeping expenses in mind. 

Final Thoughts

That was your complete laundromat business plan guide. These eight steps are integral to include in your plan. This is because the bank will require these details when you take out a loan for your laundromat business. 

Besides that, all potential investors will ask you for a laundromat business plan sample. This allows them to consider all the factors to make an informed decision. 

Lastly, your business plan will help you easily set up your store. Once you have written everything down, the only task left is getting permits and setting up shop.