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Google Ads For Photographers

Google Ads

Start using the power of paid advertising to get more photography clients. Whether you're looking for more weddings, senior photos, or family portraits, running Google or Social Media ads can help.

Paid Advertising
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Social Media For Photographers

Social Media Marketing

You know that social media is more than just posting your work on social media. It takes a lot of effort to write compelling copy, build your portfolio, and create video content that sells. An agency can help take the burden off your shoulders, grow your online presence, and increase your customers.

SEO For Photographers

Content Creation & SEO

Showing up in local search results is vital for getting clients. More people than ever are using Google to search for local businesses, and search engine optimization can help you show up first.

Our agencies can handle your SEO, help you send more traffic to your website, and get more leads.

Search Engine Optimization
Man Designing website.
Website Design For Photographers

Website Design

A great website with a breathtaking portfolio can convert customers on the fence about hiring you. After all - your work sells it self. You just need to make sure it's easily accessible and shows off the breadth of your ability.

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Aerial Photography Marketing

How to Market an Arial Photography Business

Aerial photography marketing can be challenging because you'll have to focus on building an incredible portfolio and website to show off your work rather than relying on referrals. Since it's more of a B2b niche, your sales process may be a little longer, and the number of referrals you'll receive may be less than other photographers.

As an aerial photographer, you're likely going to be working with real estate, construction, roofing, and landscaping, making Google Advertising, website design, and great SEO perfect opportunities to expand your business.

2. Newborn Photography Marketing

How to market your newborn photography business

As a newborn photographer, you know that you not only have to take incredible photos - you have to be great at working with a challenging clientele. While having a great portfolio and website is an excellent step to getting more clients, you'll also want to have an excellent reputation management and referral strategy.

Since you'll be working with infants, people will not only want to know that you can take fantastic photos, but that you have the patience and customer service to give them a memorable experience.
Content, photos, and product/service information is usually the biggest hurdle when designing a website. Since your business is unique, the agency will likely need help imagining these, so it will dramatically quicken the process if you have them ready beforehand.

3. Marketing For Wedding Photographers

How to Market A Wedding Photography Business

Wedding photography is an incredibly competitive niche. While the financial rewards can make it worth it, it's often a stressful endeavor because of the day's significance. Missing just one moment can ruin the customer's experience.

Wedding photography is all about trust. Whether it's reputation management, a great website and portfolio, or a tremendous referral marketing strategy - you'll want to make sure that any potential clients can trust you with one of the most memorable days of their life.

4. Boudoir Photography Marketing

How to market a boudoir photography business

Boudoir photography, while less pressure than event photography, is arguable the most relationship-driven type of photography. Not only is the client trusting you with private photos - but they're also relying on you to make them feel comfortable, pose properly, and give them an incredible experience.

Therefore, boudoir photography marketing is all about building relationships with your clients. Google and social media ads and a great website portfolio will help you begin initial conversations. However, building relationships and trust throughout the process with reviews, case studies, and stories will help you secure more clients.

5. Google Ads For Photographers

Building a Website Yourself

Using Google Ads to get more photography clients can be an effective and scalable solution to grow your business. One of the reasons Google Ads can be so effective is that the people you are targeting are searching for your services with terms like "photographer near me" and "wedding photographer in (insert city name)."These leads are called "low funnel" leads in the marketing industry because they're ready to make a buying decision.

Therefore, any money you put towards marketing with Google Ads will put you in front of people looking to hire a photographer. Photographers can exponentially increase their customer base with a great website and conversion funnel. Google ads are also a great solution because they are trackable and scalable. You'll know exactly how much money it takes to acquire one new photography client and can increase or decrease your ad spend depending on your schedule.

6. Social Media For Photographers

Social Media For Photographers

Social media is a great tool for photographers because of many photos are shared on social media every day. Whether looking for wedding inspiration or brainstorming baby announcement photos, having a healthy portfolio on social media can significantly impact organic traffic to your website.

Social media also makes it easy for friends, family, and past clients to share your work with others. Instead of sending a link to your website, they can easily tag others in a post or send it through a direct message. Additionally, if you post clients' photos, their network will likely see them, share them, and expand your reach.

Having a social media manager makes it so much easier for a photographer because they won't have to worry about captions, scheduling, and keeping up with trends. A social media manager is an excellent fit for a photographer because the photographer already has all of the photos ready to go. They just may need help posting them with captions that convert.

Social media managers can also reach out to other photographers for collaboration, create content, and contact potential clients to increase engagement and grow your brand. All of this is done while you get to focus on what you do best - capture memories and moments.

Social Media Content Ideas For Photographers

Social media can be an excellent tool for photographers as it can be used as an extension of a portfolio. Additionally, social media can be used to humanize you and build your brand. Instead of just posting photos, you'll want to tell stories about your technique, how you got the perfect lighting, and what you did to create a great experience for the client. This way, you're not only posting your fantastic results, but you're also allowing potential clients to picture themselves in front of your lens. 

A few other content ideas can include:
 - Caption contests for outtakes 
- A different type of photo for every day of the week (black and white, smiles, weddings, graduation photos, etc.) 
- Posting and tagging your clients so their friends and family can re-share
- Informational posts and tips on how to take better photos 
- Information on the types of camera and equipment you use and why 
- Different anecdotes that describe what sets you apart from other photographers in your field 

7. Best Websites for Photographers

The best websites for photographers

The type of website you use for your photography business will largely be determined by what you use it for. For example, if you're starting out and just want a landing page that you can easily add your portfolio to, a Wix or Squarespace site may be what you need.

However, if you're looking for more flexibility and want to show up in search results, using WordPress or Webflow is likely your best option. While Webflow is a little easier to use after a bit of practice, you'll likely want to hire a web developer to get the most out of WordPress.

A great photography website will include a home page, an about page, your portfolio, service pages to show up in search results, and a way for potential clients to contact you to schedule a consultation.

Your about page should not only tell your story, but build trust by describing your experience, your approach to photography, and why someone should choose you over another photographer.

Additionally, you should create a service page that is SEO Optimized for each type of client or event you take photos of. Creating specific service pages will help you show up on Google when people search for a specific type of photographer.

9. How to Get More Photography Clients

Getting more photography clients

Getting more photography clients is an art that takes time and attention to detail, but the rewards can provide you with a steady stream of income for the duration of your career. 

A Website: 
The first step to increasing the number of photography clients you have is building a website if you don't already have one. A website is an excellent investment as it will provide you with a foundation for your portfolio and give potential clients an easy way to contact you. Additionally, without a website, you won't be able to show up in search results of those looking to hire a photographer. 

Search Engine Optimization: 
Search engine optimization is vital for photographers because it will put them in front of potential clients looking to hire a photographer. The photography industry is competitive, but a well-designed website with the proper structure can help you show up on the front page of Google in your area. 

Google and Social Media Advertising: 

Google and Social media advertising can be a scalable and affordable solution to help photographers get more clients. While Google will put you in front of searchers actively looking for your services, social media will help you stay top of mind and re-convert past website visitors. 

Advertising, when done correctly, can scale with your business and allow you to fill up your schedule with ease. 

 Reputation Management: 
Whether you're running referral campaigns to encourage current or past clients to put your name out there, or you're proactively asking for reviews online, reputation management can help build trust with your potential clients. 

While your portfolio can help start an initial conversation, being able to prove that you consistently provide a great experience to your customers can make the difference between a client going with you or a competitor. 

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