With many jobs gone now, people are looking for new opportunities to make money. Starting a stripping business is a reasonably easy, low-cost method to make money when traditional jobs either aren’t an option for you or you feel the money would be better by opening a stripping business.

We’re going to take you through the beginning stages of how to start a stripping business. This involves what legal issues to be aware of, any safety issues you should address, and the basics of getting started in the stripping industry.

What Types of Stripping Businesses are There?

The stripping industry has several different options to make money.

All of these fall under the “stripping business” umbrella, but let’s focus on the easiest and most common option, an independent contractor.

This is the easiest option, with the lowest costs and time needed to start your business. It can also progress into one of the other options as you gain experience.

What is a Stripper?

While most people may know what a stripper is, it’s important to clarify the job description as there can be some misconceptions about exactly what is involved. For example, people assume that strippers must provide specific services that are not explicitly stripping in some cases.

A stripper performs for people by removing all or some of their clothes while dancing. Often this can include a stage with a pole that can be used in the performance. Customers will give money to the stripper directly or by placing it into their remaining clothing.

An additional part of the stripping business involves private dances. You have performed on a stage and then can offer a private performance to any customers who would like to pay a higher fee to interact with you directly.

Stripping does not have to involve you becoming fully nude, and in some locations, you may not remove your top or bottoms. This is also dependent on the club you perform in, as the level of nakedness can restrict alcohol sales.

While strippers are considered sex workers, they do not expressly provide sexual services to customers. If a stripper is doing this, they will perform in two capacities, as a stripper and as a call girl or escort.

Is Stripping Legal?

Stripping is not legal in all countries, and even in countries where stripping is legal, not everything is permitted. So it’s essential to check into local laws.

If you’re opening a stripping business in the United States, you will have different laws that you need to follow depending on what state, county, or city you’re working in.

Here are common legal restrictions when stripping that you will need to check if opening a stripping business in the United States.

Even if you are working for a strip club, you may be ultimately responsible for any illegal activities. So don’t rely on other people telling you what is allowed or not allowed, and make sure you are informed so that you don’t have any legal issues.

How to Pay Taxes as a Stripper

Stripping in the United States is legal, but you must pay taxes on any money you earn. In most situations, you will be an independent contractor, and a lot of your money earned will be in cash.

You will be responsible for counting, collecting, and withholding your own taxes, so that you can pay the IRS. 

Some suggestions for taxes are:

You can use an online service to pay your taxes, or if you feel it is too complex, consider working with an accountant. An accountant will also help you get the most out of your deductions and limit your paying tax.

Is a Stripping Business Safe?

When opening a stripping business, you are safe in most situations. However, depending on how you run the business, there are some safety concerns specifically around customer interaction.

Bouncers or security

Having a bouncer or security to control rowdy customers is essential. Working somewhere without this can raise significant safety issues.

A bouncer or security is also a good point where customers need to provide their photo ID to ensure they can legally use the business’s services.

Personal information

Strippers should never provide their personal information to customers. Stripping is a business. Unfortunately, customers don’t always consider it a business and want to progress from business to personal.

This can increase the chances of stalkers or other problem customers that interfere with the running of your business.

Private locations

In some situations, you may be hired to perform private parties, which involves going to customer homes or unknown locations. 

It would be best to take security and inform people where you will be when you finish and then keep them updated.

Going to any private location with people you don’t know can be a significant safety issue in any business.

Health Issues

As an independent contractor, you will not have any health benefits from any clubs you are working with, and you’re also spending all day on your feet and physically working hard.

You would be responsible for any health issues that arise, so buying medical insurance would be a good choice so that you can stay healthy and continue working.

How to Start a Stripping Business?

The requirements to start as an independent contractor are very low and accessible to most people. Start by finding any strip clubs operating in your area and contact them to see if and how you can work there.

You will likely need to appear in costume and dance to see how well you do. If there is space available, then you may be offered a spot at the club. You’ll be advised or should ask how much money you need to pay every day you work at the club and what time you would be working.

You need to fill out the forms, applications you need to make, or anything you need to register to start your stripping business as an independent contractor.

How Do You Set Yourself Apart From Competitors?

Setting yourself apart from your competitors is what will allow you to make the most money. If there is nothing special about you, then the amount of money you can earn will be limited, and you won’t get a better schedule.

A significant factor will be your audience. You need to consider who your audience is, how you perform, what costumes to use, and even what songs to pick.


Starting a stripping business can be a great start to a long-term career or a good opportunity to make money until you’ve finished school or found a new job.

There are limited costs associated with being an independent contractor. Still, if you enjoy the industry, you can progress and build your business into something more substantial and even hire your own employees.

Ensure you are aware of the legal requirements in the city you will be working in and any cities you will travel to. Maintain safety at all times, ensure security is always present, and don’t provide personal information to customers.