Starting your own business can be a complex and daunting task, but it's an excellent opportunity to make more money, set your hours, and have more freedom in what you do and where you do it. We will take you through the general process of starting a call girl business.

To be clear, call girls have many different names used in a business capacity. The most common would be call girls, companions, courtesans, and girls. 

What is a Call Girl?

A call girl is anybody that accepts money in exchange for time and companionship with another person. 

Some people like to differentiate the business into different types of services and give each type a different name. However, nobody is regulating this, and you can use any term you're comfortable with.

What Types of Call Girls are There?

There is a wide range of different ways to work and call girl businesses. However, the two most common are:

  1. Work for an agency. You don't need to advertise, worry about payments, apartments, supplies, or almost anything. You will be an independent contractor, though, so you need to consider how to pay your taxes.
  1. Independent call girls, you take on the full responsibility of the business.

Let's discuss how to set up an independent call girl business, but before starting your business, you should consider several things.

How busy do you want to be?

If you set your rates low, you will be busier with the customer aspect of the business. But that means less time worrying about the other areas such as marketing.

If you set your rates high, you will spend much more time on the marketing and sales side of the business with fewer customer interactions.

Neither option is better or worse, and you don't necessarily need to start low and work high. So pick whichever you prefer. 

There's also no reason you can't "rebrand" later and move between different types of business models.

How Much Do Call Girls Make?

Setting your rates low means you can quickly earn a lot of money in a short amount of time. However, your capacity to earn is limited by the hours in the day that you can work. If you receive tips, they will likely be on the lower end and potentially none at all.

If we're talking straight numbers and ignoring specific cities, the lower end of a professional companion would be around $160-$220 per hour. A typical appointment could be 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Setting your rates high, especially initially, will keep you less busy, but you can earn more long-term. While this type of business can utilize shorter appointments, it's often more suited for longer engagements involving dinner, outside activities, and travel.

You could be earning $250-$1000 per hour; the sky's the limit. Many of the appointments would be longer, such as 4 hours, one day, one week, or even longer if traveling.

How much time do you want to spend on the business?

Lower rates mean you don't need a website and many advertising avenues. Most cities will have at least one website used for advertising, where clients can book you immediately. So it's a good option where you don't know your schedule.

This means there are minimal marketing and admin work requirements for the business. When you want to work, you set your ad to active and wait for calls to come in.

Higher rates mean you need to spend more time advertising and working on the admin side of the business. You will need to have a website built, professional photos taken, research, and advertise the best advertising platforms for you. You may also need to create a social media presence.

Is Being a Call Girl Legal?

Being a call girl is tricky, and its legality depends on several factors. No single document will be able to give you a perfect answer unless it's dedicated to your specific location and exactly what you're doing.

A call girl for time and companionship is legal. Somebody can pay you money to spend time with you. You are a paid friend, and nobody can arrest you or fine you in that capacity.

A significant issue in most locations is when your companionship turns sexual. At this point, you have the potential to be fined and even put in jail.

Let's look at the United States, the only state where being a call girl is 100% legal is Nevada, excluding Las Vegas specifically.

Some critical points for other states and cities:

●     Most US laws make it illegal to discuss or offer sexual services for money or other assets. This includes during the actual appointment. So do not specifically discuss or offer sexual services in exchange for something.

●     Whether privately by email or publicly in your advertising, even when discussing or advertising online, do not specifically offer anything other than time and companionship.

●     Some businesses or clients will attempt to hide activities by using different words. However, in a legal sense, this makes no difference.

Calling money "roses" can still be figured out and assumed by the police or lawyers. Using acronyms is no better, and people know what these mean. You get no added safety by talking in this way.

●     Do not solicit business in person. A popular and illegal activity is going to bars and offering services directly to people. This is 100% illegal in most places. Don't offer it, and don't hand out any business cards offering illegal services. 

●     If your client wishes to give you money, it should be placed on a table and not handed to you. However, you need to check this money at some point early on to see how much is there. You should then put the money out of sight.

How To Stay Safe

Being a call girl can be safe, but it has inherent dangers that you need to protect yourself from. 

There are three main issues you should consider about your safety in the call girl industry:

Dangerous customers

You often meet a stranger in a private location, where your location may not be known by anybody else.

People attempting to rob you

Some people may try to rob you as you are often a cash business, and your desire to call the police is not high. In addition, calling the police while working as a call girl can cause other problems for you.


In some cities, the police ignore and essentially decriminalize call girls. In other cities, the police actively try to catch you performing illegal activities. They can even go so far as to book, encourage unlawful services, and attempt to complete the services fully, at which point you get arrested.

Steps to ensure your safety as a call girl

You can utilize a combination of options below, whatever you find personally best.

Get a buddy.

You want somebody who will quickly alert authorities if you don't respond or request help.

When you're meeting with a client, you should communicate with your buddy when you arrive, leave, and get home. If this is at your in call location, use your buddy when the client comes and then goes.

Let the client know what you're doing in a friendly way, of course. 

Request personal identifying information from the client before you meet. 

This can include a picture ID, work information, and any other information that can help you determine who this person is.

Optimally you would want a picture ID with a business phone number that you can verify online. E.g., With their permission, call their main business line and ask to be directed to them. You need to ensure the mainline is a publicly listed phone number and that the business website is legit and not fake.

If a client refuses to provide ID, then stop communicating with them. This is a standard practice in the industry.

Request references from other providers.

It's common practice to request verification of a client from other call girls that the client has visited before.

You want to find out when this client last visited them, if there were any issues or red flags about the client, and if the other provider would see this client again. 

Only get references from people you know, or you can verify. Getting a reference from a random person that you can't confirm is another provider does not keep you safe.

Use verification websites.

There are several member sites such as Preferred411 that you need to be invited to by other providers. Both clients and providers must be invited and can't just join.

Once clients join these sites, providers can review the client to indicate any problems or issues you need to be aware of.

One major issue in recent years is clients sharing accounts on these websites. It should not be your only method of verifying a client. Make sure you can match the name on the account with the photo ID you got from the client.

- Working from an apartment building is often a good option; this gives you many benefits:

- Security cameras that are recording and monitored.

- You usually have access to the primary front door camera via your TV.

- Buildings that require you to buzz in and lock-off floors stop people from just knocking on your door without warning.

- For any significant issues, neighbors may assist with a problem or provide you with a place to sit and stay safe.

If you have access to a building's front door camera, check it before letting clients in. Otherwise, ensure you check your peephole before opening the door. If you are expecting one client and two people to show up, that is a situation where you should not let them in.

There is a wide range of safety options that you can utilize. Whatever you can do to ensure your safety is recommended. If you are seeing clients immediately, it's often difficult to do a lot of verification, but some of the steps above are still quick and easy to ensure your safety.

Any information you collect on a client should be destroyed at the end of the encounter. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to delete all emails, texts and erase them from your memory. But things like copies of their ID should not be kept.

What steps are required to start a call girl business?

So far, we've discussed a lot about what to consider before you start, legalities, and even staying safe. These are good things to consider to see if you even want to get started. 

If you've made an informed choice and want to move forward, then provided below are some good beginning steps to start your new business as a call girl.


Almost no call girl uses their real name; this provides safety and can rebrand later if you choose. So your first step is to come up with a good name for yourself and your business.

It can be a single name such as "Kara" or a full name such as "Sara McAllister." Try not to use a name already being used in the local area, though this can be difficult. If you step on toes, it can cause issues with your colleagues before you even get started.



You should open a bank account dedicated to your new business. You will want a checking account, a savings account, and potentially a credit card.

●     A checking account can be used to deposit any cash you receive, accept any online payments, and separate your business money from any personal cash you're receiving.

●     A savings account is an excellent option to store the tax money you owe the government. If you keep it separate, you won't be tempted to spend it accidentally.

●     A credit card will be required to pay for advertising. You can use one attached to your bank account. Otherwise, you can buy prepaid credit cards from places like CVS or Walgreens. 


Paying your taxes is critical. No matter what kind of business you are running, you must pay your taxes. You can use online tax software or get an accountant to advise you on what you need to pay.

The two biggest reasons for this are that the taxman will be very angry if he finds out you haven't paid your taxes, which can lead to massive fines and even jail time.

The top indicators for the government that you are underreporting your tax are the location you live in, any large cash deposits to bank accounts, big purchases, and no tax filing whatsoever.

If you don't pay your taxes, your other issue is that you are likely storing your money at home, which is a terrible idea, or you've got it in a safety deposit box.

Untaxed money is limited in what you can do with it. You might have more, but you can do less with it. It will be challenging to buy a house, buy a car; any kind of significant transaction will be a problem. Most people aren't going to take a bag of cash for their house.

Something to note is that you can't use write-offs for illegal activities. So that's a consideration when doing your taxes.


You have several options for the location you will work, none are better than others, and it will depend on your personal preference.

●     Work from your current home. 

This saves traveling and extra costs for a business location. However, it opens your personal space and location to clients.

●     Rent a business location.

This allows you to have a dedicated space just for your business and business items. It's a much more optimal setup if you don't live alone and want complete separation of work and personal life. But it adds the cost of another place to rent.

●     Partially rent or share a space with other companions.

This cuts the costs on a business space, and it may give you added security from another companion being around sometimes. The major drawback if the space is used concurrently is the extra foot traffic and attention.

●     Book hotels or AirBNBs for the day or time you're working. 

This means you can change locations as you see fit, even travel to other cities. Stay discrete as some hotels actively remove guests who are working. Elevators that require keycards are not good options as you need to come downstairs to get clients.

Advertising and Marketing


Book a professional photoshoot so that you have excellent quality photos for your advertising, your social media, and your website if you decide to get one.

How often you do this will depend on you, but it's recommended that you get new photos for your adverts once a year. Some companions will do it every three months or even every month.

Some photographers specialize in the call girl industry, so they will be a good resource for what photos do well.

Many advertising websites and social media sites will not accept photos that are too risqué, so consider that during your photoshoot.


Building a website is critical if you are looking to work on the higher end of prices. Clients will expect a professional website that provides more information on you, as well as professional photos.

You can hire a website designer that can become very costly, or a cheap option will often not give a professional appearance. 

My recommendation would be to pay a small fee to use a service like or that will allow you to build a professional-looking website quickly. Everything is drag and drop, and you don't need any prior experience building websites to use these options.


Whether you have a website or not, get yourself a dedicated email address for your business. An option like will give you encrypted emails for free so that people can't snoop on your communication.

For anybody that emails you, consider storing and sorting their email. For example, if they are looking for a location you're not in, put them on a list for that location if you ever happen to go there. Then, you can send out a communication in the future.

For anybody that books your services, store their email and add specific details about them and anything about your meetings so far. This is an excellent way to remember and send follow-up emails to encourage future bookings. This is not a place to store their ID, address, or phone number.

Advertising Websites

You'll need to advertise your availability and one of the primary ways to do this is by putting your details upon advertising websites for your area. These sites are dedicated to the call girl industry and provide a large chunk of clientele. 

While many advertising sites offer advertising in all cities, they may not do as well in some cities as in others. So you'll need to check google, trial out some advertising sites, and even ask other companions which websites are best for the city.

Social Media

Some social media sites have a considerable presence of call girls and clients. It's a way to advertise, as well as showcase more of your personality to potential clients.

Many clients prefer social media as advertising sites only provide a brief bio, photos, and contact information.

The best option is to sign up for Twitter as this will provide the most amount of clients and the fewest issues with a social media platform. Places like Instagram can also be good, but they have a habit of deleting accounts often.


Hopefully, this article has provided the information you need to start your new business venture. The industry has changed over the past 20 years, and technology continues to help it evolve and become more mainstream and accepted.

A piece of final advice for you before you get started is that you're the boss and what you say goes in your business. You can replace clients, and you don't need to put up with any problematic customers for the sake of a few dollars.