Nobody likes having stained teeth or dark teeth, it's a fact of life for many people, and often there isn't a lot that can be done. Some people naturally have darker teeth, heavy red wine drinkers or smokers may have discoloration, or just the passage of time has caused darker teeth. 

Going to a dentist for professional teeth whitening can be costly, and many people are too afraid to even go to the dentist. You can buy products at the drugstore, but they aren't especially effective for most people.

Starting a teeth whitening business can put you into that niche where people want to pay more for good teeth whitening products but don't want to deal with a dentist.

Starting a teeth whitening business can be a fantastic opportunity to add some additional money to your pocket every month. It could even turn into your primary business if you're successful enough.

Together we're going to review all the steps needed to start a teeth whitening business.

Starting a Teeth Whitening Business

●     Decide On Your Business Model

●     Research Your Market

●     Build A Business Plan

●     Build A Detailed Marketing Plan

●     Set Your Pricing

●     Buy Required Professional Equipment

●     Get Trained and Certified

●     Get Started

Decide On Your Business Model

You can start various teeth whitening businesses, and you can even combine different models to grow bigger and increase your sales.

Any business model below can benefit from this article to ensure they have everything required to succeed.

Existing Beauty Business

Suppose you already have an existing clinic or services in the beauty industry. In that case, adding teeth whitening will be an excellent opportunity to add additional sales to your existing customer base and bring in new customers looking for that specific service.

You'll still want to add the service to your website and heavily market it as a new service.

Mobile Teeth Whitening Business

Mobile teeth whitening can be a great stepping stone to start without the more significant expenses and commitments that a dedicated store can have.

In this model type, you would go to somebody's home and provide services. While you could transform a vehicle into a mobile clinic, that's still going to be expensive with limited benefits from the cost involved.

In this business model, you'd need to ensure all of your products and tools can be easily transported, and you'd want to get a portable chair that is comfortable, foldable, and can be adjusted to lay people's back for the service.

Cheaper infinity chairs can be a great option when you're just starting. Infinity chairs may only cost you under $200 from Amazon.

Teeth Whitening Clinic

Have a physical location for people to come to for teeth whitening. A clinic will likely have a higher cost but will remove travel time so you can see more customers. It also allows you to get walk-in customers that see your store.

You have three primary options with varying costs involved in each.

●     Rent your own clinic space.

●     Rent a space within an existing beauty clinic.

●     Convert part of your house into a clinic.

E-Commerce Sales

Become a reseller for a product and build a website to sell it. You don't need to see any customers physically, and you have limited costs. As long as you can effectively market the product, then you have an opportunity to make money.

E-Commerce sales can even be an excellent addition to the other models above. For example, you can provide the product online and offer a better in-person teeth whitening service if people pay a little more.

There is a lot of competition in this area, so it's often not a good standalone business unless you have excellent marketing skills or an existing customer base to sell your teeth whitening products.

Research Your Market

Whatever model you decide to use, it'll be essential to look at any competitors in the same area, either offering the same or similar products and services. 

Understand what location they're in, what services they offer, and what their prices are. Of course, you'll need to compete with this, and that should be considered if you can even compete or offer better services and products.

Your competitors would be any beauty salons, teeth whitening businesses, and even dentists offering teeth whitening.

Build A Business Plan

Any business you start should have a plan; jumping in and buying products hoping it'll work out is a sure way to lose money and waste your time.

You need to understand how much money you need to start the business and to stay running and even become profitable. You'll also want to document all the steps required to start the business and use it as a checklist.

If you need help writing your business plan, produced below is a template and resources to dig in and create one for your teeth whitening business.

Write Your Business Plan

Build A Detailed Marketing Plan

Your business also needs a detailed plan on how you will market your services so that people come to use them. It will also help set the budget, so you know how much money will be required at each stage of your marketing.

Build A Website

It will be critical to have a website that showcases your services, location, prices and has photos showing before and after results of your service.

Use or a similar website builder to build a professional but cheap website. This will keep your costs down and allow you to get a website up yourself.

Create Social Media Accounts

Every service business needs a social media presence to help bring in customers. Two of the best for this type of service would be Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram is a great way to show your results and get them shared. Facebook is a fantastic way to connect with local consumers looking for this type of service.

You'll also want to look at your competitors and see where they focus their social media efforts; they've likely done a lot of the research for you already.

Partner with Similar Companies

See if any similar businesses would partner with you and cross-promote services. This could include beauty salons, mobile nail technicians, or hairdressers. 

You may need to invest in some physical business cards or flyers that can be handed out or displayed in the other business.

Online Advertising

Consider paying for online advertising to bring customers in. For example, you can use Google Ads to jump to the head of the google search results when people want teeth whitening in your area.

You can even use paid promotions with social media personalities. Research people who have a significant online presence in your local area and see if they'd be willing to promote your product for free service or money.

Local Advertising

Buy advertising space in local publications; this could be as simple as buying space in the daily newspaper that people get on trains or buses every morning. Assuming that happens in your area.

It can be costly with minimal return, so you'll need to decide if it's even worth trying. On the other hand, your online efforts may give you a better return on investment.

Set Your Pricing

Your business plan should have included your monthly costs and estimated what prices you will need to set.

When setting your prices, you'll need to consider competitors in your area and what they're charging.

Dentists charge between $400 - $1000 for teeth whitening, so it's unlikely that you can charge the same. Teeth whitening kits can range in price from $5 - $70 or even more.

An average price for your service could be between $70 - $400. But it all depends on your area and how much consumers are willing to pay.

Buy Required Professional Equipment

It would help if you had professional products and equipment. Many teeth whitening vendors will supply all teeth whitening products and the equipment you need to get started. 

You can lower costs by buying everything yourself, though you may find expenses higher if not purchased in an overall package from a vendor.

Research vendors that offer a price point you want, with a good product that you can sell and market, and who have a good reputation overall.

Get Trained and Certified

There is no specific teeth whitening training that you need to do to start this type of business. However, it's advisable to take training courses from the vendor you purchase your product and supplies from.

This training will ensure that you can safely use the product on people without causing issues and provide the best results possible.

You'll also get a certificate that you can hang on the wall to ensure customers have confidence that you have undergone training in the products and equipment you're about to put into their mouths.

Get Started

Your next step will be to research your local market and what vendors are available to purchase the products and equipment from. Your costs will vary greatly depending on where you are and what business model you will start.